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Leon Kreitzman is a writer interested in how biology and society interact to influence human behaviour. His 1998 book The 24 Hour Society was followed by two more co-authored books on circadian and circannual rhythms. His latest book will be published by OUP in March 2017. He is a visiting consultant at the Nuffield Health Centre at Oxford University

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Broken sleep

Leon Kreitzman

I am sorry to disabuse the author of the item, but there is conaiderable serious scientific dissent with Ekirch’s generalised findings. Chapter and verse can be cited , but a key observation is that in societies that live much closer to the natural world than we do e.g. without electricity , do not display segmented sleep. Tp claiom that suich a sleep, pattern is somehow ‘natural’ is misplaced.

Sorry to spoil a good story with a fact, albeit a killer one

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