Lina Zeldovich

Journalist and Author, New York City

Lina Zeldovich is the author of The Other Dark Matter: The Science and Business of Turning Waste into Wealth and Health (2021), a book about the novel solutions to the world’s oldest problem – keeping humans free from their own excrement. In writing it, she toured a slew of smelly sewage plants in North America, hopped over many stinky street gutters in Africa, stuck her nose into a stool bank – and lived to tell the story. She holds four awards for covering the science of poo and lives in New York City, where she tends to a compost pile in her backyard.

Written by Lina Zeldovich

The power of shit | Aeon


The environment

The power of shit

Our excrement is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource – if only we can overcome our visceral disgust of it

Lina Zeldovich