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Livia Gershon is a freelance reporter who writes about the intersection of economics, politics and everyday life. Her work has appeared in Pacific Standard, The Guardian and The Boston Globe, among others. She lives in New Hampshire.

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The future is emotional

Livia Gershon

Hey everyone. I’m really appreciating the great conversation about my essay here. I love how Damien Quinn, paleologue O, and some other folks have honed in on the question of “value”–taking care of poor kids and older people is never going to be highly profitable, which means the market system can’t pay for a lot of caring and education jobs in a sensible way. Also really appreciate mary scriver’s points about what counts as “real” emotional work and how caregiving by less credentialed (and also nonwhite) people is seen as mommy work. I wish I had a better answer to Shawn B’s question of what, exactly, is an emotional skill. I think restraint and empathy are both part of it. I also take K...

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