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Mark Teich is a journalist whose work has been published in Sports Illustrated and Psychology Today, among others. He lives in New York.

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Smoking with friends

Mark Teich

Each to his own. My preferred venue for male society is a tennis court, which is an extremely pleasant but limited way of socializing, while the guys I wrote about in the cigar bar obviously get to know one another and care about one another on a much deeper level. The difference between them and many of the rest of us is that they met and became fast friends as adults; my two best male friends go back to childhood, and I only get to see them on my rare trips to L.A. or Sacramento. But the guys in the cigar bar get to see one another all the time. They’re a rarity; not that many guys, especially heterosexual guys, meet and become bosom buddies as adults and see one another all the time. I...

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