Michael Levin

Distinguished Professor of Biology, Tufts University

Michael Levin is the Vannevar Bush Chair and Distinguished Professor of Biology at Tufts University in Massachusetts, where he directs the Allen Discovery Center and the Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology.

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Cognition all the way down

Michael Levin

Thank you everyone for your comments. A lot of the points brought up are covered in our other pieces, but I’d like to speak to one key issue here.

The point is precisely NOT to anthropomorphize other agents, but rather to de-mystify human capacities and ask where else and to what extent they might be found (and could be implemented).

The worry over anthropomorphizing arises from the belief that humans have some sort of special “true cognition” (or true decision-making, or true minds, etc.) and other systems don’t; it also expresses the view that true cognition is a binary thing (you have it or you don’t), and that it would be bad to assign it wrongly to systems that don’t ha...

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