Michael Hanlon

Science Writer, London

Michael Hanlon (1964-2016) was a British science journalist whose work appeared in The Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph, among others. His last book was In the Interests of Safety (2014), co-written with Tracey Brown.

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Michael Hanlon

Imagine a world where the only way to read a book was on a Kindle-type device. We would all be used to carrying a slim, but fairly hefty piece of metal, glass and plastic around that would need regular top-ups of electricity. We would accept that in many places accessing new written material would be impossible, because there was no connection to the Internet. We would accept that if we dropped these things into the bath or the lake or just onto a concrete floor we would be looking at an expensive purchase.

Then imagine that someone invents the book. Boy, these things are CHEAP - a few dollars, perhaps less. Drop it in the bath and maybe all is lost but hey, you can leave the thing...

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Michael Hanlon

In my Aeon piece I do not argue that we should devote serious resources to saving the Universe now. As Paul Davies says, it will be OK for awhile yet. But the end, when it comes, will be final in a way that nothing else has been final before. The idea that there will just have been a brief interlude in a black and empty eternity when interesting things happened is rather depressing. So I think we should at least mull the possibilities while we are in a position to do so. And hope that others out there, if there are any out there, are doing the same.

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