Nana Ariel

Writer, researcher, lecturer, Tel Aviv University

Nana Ariel is a writer, literary scholar and lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities at Tel Aviv University, a fellow of the Minducate Science of Learning Research and Innovation Center, and a guest lecturer at Harvard University. She specialises in theoretical and practical rhetoric and in adventurous pedagogy. She lives in Tel Aviv.

Written by Nana Ariel

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What the teleprompter tells us about truth, Trump and speech

Nana Ariel

Thank you for all the interesting responses so far. It might be useful to remember that the discussion about the morality of rhetoric didn’t start with Donald Trump. It was already Plato who condemned rhetoric for being immoral. In response, Aristotle very wisely paved the way to the notion that rhetoric is everywhere, and that we use rhetoric whether we like it or not. Any speech in public (a shiny highbrow speech or a spontaneous address), is public speaking. So I wouldn’t rush to announce the death of public speaking as it was suggested here. Public speaking changes - yes. But it is also very much the same: it’s still about people trying to establish a reliable ethos a...

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