Neil Levy

Professor of Philosophy, Macquarie University and the University of Oxford

Neil Levy is professor of philosophy at Macquarie University (Sydney) and a senior research fellow at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford.

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Like a prayer

Neil Levy

Since I was a Buddhish practitioner I was going to give my perspective from that point of view but first I decided to check out the dictionary defination (even though I cringe that I stooped so low)

After the usual theistic definitions came this: “an earnest hope or wish” (merrium-webster) with this juicy example-

“it is our prayer that the current progress on human rights will be sustained”

Wow! That’s very non secular and even beneficial but,I don’t know, that doesn’t give a good bang for the buck.

So I’ll be Buddhish again and unequivocally say that in both Tibetan and Zen Buddhism there are prayers.

Since they are non theistic who does one pray to?

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We must stop worshipping the false god of the strong leader

Neil Levy

What’s so great about strong leaders?

Absolutely nothing!

As I find politicians the lowest of the low I won’t stoop as to name a single one in my viewpoint.

Everytime I hear that word leadership the gag relux occurs.

I recognize no leaders. As Pam commented I find it insulting and even silly.

I am aware that these narcissists affect people’s lives and can often cause great misery and death.

Yet I view the political arena and the cast of characters weak or strong (or strong today and weak tomorrow etc) part of the scenery of my life.

It is the manure for the spiritual dimension.

Just like illnesses I may have that threaten my life wit...

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The great mystery of mathematics is its lack of mystery

Neil Levy

I am surprised that this question was chosen out of the hundreds of amazing questions that you have in your data base. Please don’t take this is as an insult, but there are so many fascinating questions, but please read on:

Mathematics is my field. I loved the beauy of mathematics and as a youngster felt that by studing mathematics one can expand the power of one’s own mind with it’s pure abstractions.

I knew intuitively at a very young age that mathematics was the foundation of all that is; both the visible and the invisible.

I was drawn to pure mathematics. During my years as a grad student of mathematics we often joked about what we were doing was merly “diagram ch...

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Suspended animation

Neil Levy

This is the question I am dying to ask all those who would choose immortality.

It’s more accurate to use the term “extreme longevity” vs immortality.

Since the future will aways have elements of uncertainty and since the time frame is forever this would imply that we would need an infinite number of contingency plans to keep one living forever.

This can never be known with certainty (since there’s infinite time for infinite possible screw ups; where you only need one that kills you-OUCH) therefore one can never say one IS immortal. (But for convenience I will use immortality for extreme longevity)

Ok assuming one can live 100’s, 1000’s, 100 of thousands, millio...

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How the light gets out

Neil Levy

My viewpoint will not TELL you what consciousness is for. MY viewpoint WILL SHOW you what consciousness is for!!!

That old adage of “Show, Don’t Tell” certainly applies to a question of this type.

We can tell and talk and chatter for aeons about what consciousness is and still NOT get anywhere so it is refreshing to actually be able to SHOW consciousness IN ACTION in this viewpoint if read in that light.

So please turn on the lights and watch the SHOW that consciousness is now creating which is the FOR of consciousness…

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