Noga Arikha
historian of ideas, writer, Paris

Noga Arikha is a historian of ideas and philosopher, particularly interested in the relation between mind and body, and in tracing the genealogy of the concepts that pertain to it. She has a doctorate from London's Warburg Institute, has taught at Bard College, and was Chair of Liberal Studies at the Paris College of Art. Her essays have been published inter alia in Lapham's Quarterly, Politico, Indian Quarterly, Architectural Digest, and she is the author of Passions and Tempers: A History of the Humours (2007), as well as, with Marcello Simonetta, Napoleon and the Rebel: A Story of Brotherhood, Passion, and Power (2011). She lives in Paris.

Written by Noga Arikha

How evil happens

Why some people choose to do evil remains a puzzle, but are we starting to understand how this behaviour is triggered?

Noga Arikha

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