Peter Cheyne
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Shimane University, Japan

Peter Cheyne is an associate professor teaching British literature and culture, and philosophy and literature, at Shimane University in Japan, and a visiting fellow in philosophy at Durham University in the UK. He is the author of Coleridge’s Contemplative Philosophy (2020), co-editor of The Philosophy of Rhythm (2019), and is currently working on a multi-author book titled Living Ideas: Coleridge and Other Idealists on Life and Matter.

Written by Peter Cheyne

Detail of Moonlight Landscape (1785) by Joseph Wright of Derby. Courtesy the Ringling Museum of Art, Florida State University

Thinkers and theories
Coleridge the philosopher

Though far more often remembered as a poet, Coleridge’s theory of ideas was spectacular in its originality and bold reach

Peter Cheyne