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Rebecca Guenard is a science writer whose work has been published in Scientific American, Mosiac, and The Atlantic, among others. She lives in Philadelphia.

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The mental suffering of ICU patients could easily be lessened

Rebecca Guenard

In an interview with STAT, a healthcare site that launched in November, Atul Gawande said, “The American health care system is going from being designed to deliver on pills and procedures to being designed to deliver on outcomes. That is a dramatic transformation, and we don’t know how to do it.”

The ideology of medicine must shift from saving lives to ensuring patients have a life upon discharge. That scope is too broad to place the onus on physicians alone. The risk of mortality has justified the ICU environment being one of the harshest within a medical institution. As comments here illustrate the ICU (and I would argue hospitals at large) must change to incorporate the hospital...

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