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Technologist and Entrepreneur, Open Knowledge

Founder and President of Open Knowledge, an international non-profit and global leader in the area of open information and open data. Research Fellow in Economics at the University of Cambridge 2007-2010 and an Associate at Cambridge’s Centre for Information and Intellectual Property Law. Recipient of an Ashoka Fellowship and a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship.

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In proof we trust

Rufus Pollock

I’m deeply sceptical of these bold claims for the impact of the Blockchain.

As I wrote in my post on the topic:

… I am sceptical of the grandiose claims made for the impact of the blockchain: that it will revolutionise our economies, governments and organizations making them flatter, fairer and more democratic.

The blockchain hype reflects an increasingly prevalent techno-solutionism — a techno-fadism if you will — where we imagine that some sprinkling of tech pixie-dust wil...

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