Sheyna Gifford

Simulated Astronaut, HI-SEAS

Sheyna Gifford is the health science officer and crew journalist for the NASA HI-SEAS IV space exploration analogue on Hawaii. She writes for StarTalk Radio and blogs at

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Rise of the humanities

Sheyna Gifford

It does, absolutely. The capacity for eloquent and accurate self-expression is a requirement for success at every level. The humanities - from English Lit to Rhetoric, from Art history to Drama Theory - focuses on honing that capacity for expression. Neither business nor the sciences can function well without that exercising that capacity. As can be evidenced by our society’s poor overall understanding of business basics like finance and science basics like natural selection, climate evolution, and physiology, we’re in desperate need of compelling, effective expressors. That’s why Bill Nye and Neil DG Tyson are are popular as they are, and why Andy Weir’s The Martian made a splash. Even t...

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