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EU Lawyer, Brussels

Stephen Kinsella is founder of Clean Up the Internet, an independent UK organisation dedicated to improving the level of online discourse, He is a competition lawyer with a longstanding interest in human rights, digital technology, and democracy. He lives in Stroud, UK.

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Trolls be gone

Stephen Kinsella

Thanks for the comments so far. I can’t temporarily respond to you individually as the author, but just few thoughts.

Joe is right we could all learn to be more sceptical, but equally knowing whether a user who claims a certain identity or expertise is willing to be verified, does add a further piece of information to help us reach that judgment.

To Kenneth, our proposal would still allow anonymity, but we could all choose no longer to hear from unverified accounts.

And Tristan might be right that more drastic action could follow, but ideally we wouldn’t need to introduce an absolute prohibition. Best wishes all, Stephen.

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