Timm Triplett

Associate Professor in Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts, University of New Hampshire

Timm Triplett is associate professor in philosophy at the College of Liberal Arts, University of New Hampshire. He is the author of Morality’s Critics and Defenders: A Philosophical Dialogue (Hackett, 2014). He is active in the movement to bring philosophy to pre-college students.

Written by Timm Triplett

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Forget morality

Timm Triplett

I’m curious about your response to John Coss regarding Bernard Gert’s work. Gert’s conception of common morality allows for there to be moral facts - objectively correct judgements that a particular action is morally right or morally wrong. As Coss notes, Gert maintains that some moral disputes are not resolvable. You respond to Coss that it’s the goal of most moral philosophers to resolve all the moral questions Gert leaves open. That may be so, and Gert would surely agree with much in your critiques of Kantianism and consequentialism. But that still doesn’t address the question why you jump to amoralism when there are other moralist options available besides these traditional ones.

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