Valerie R Sanders
Professor of English, University of Hull

Valerie R Sanders is Professor of English at the University of Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Her recent books include Harriet Martineau and the Birth of Disciplines, co-edited with Gaby Weiner (Routledge, 2017), The Tragi-Comedy of Victorian Fatherhood (CUP 2009), two anthologies of Victorian women’s childhoods, Records of Girlhood (Ashgate 2000 and Routledge 2013), and a forthcoming monograph on Margaret Oliphant for Edward Everett Root’s Key Popular Women Writers series (2020).

Written by Valerie R Sanders

Old Vennel off High Street (1868), Glasgow, Scotland, photographed by Thomas Annan from The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow. Courtesy the Getty Museum, LA

Biography and memoir
Mistress of all trades

A campaigning journalist and an early feminist, Harriet Martineau humanised economic theory through Dickensian storytelling

Valerie R Sanders