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A massive insect collection reimagined as ‘a mescaline vision dreamt by Charles Darwin’

The Linsenmaier Chrysididae collection at the Natur-Museum Luzern in Switzerland features some 250,000 insect species – a small slice of the roughly 10 million species that scientists believe currently exist across the planet. In While Darwin Sleeps… what begins as a droning tour of the collection transforms into a wild, vibrant display of dancing beetles, fluttering butterflies, fuzzy bees and a flurry of other insects. By rapidly cycling through some 3,500 photographs of various specimens, the UK filmmaker Paul Bush gives the effect of millions of years of evolution condensed into just a few minutes, almost as if pushing a single creature through a frenzied metamorphosis, or as Bush puts it: ‘like a mescaline vision dreamt by Charles Darwin’.

Director: Paul Bush

25 June 2018

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