30 minutes

How a family feud threatens to tear apart the oldest interracial newlyweds in the US

This highly acclaimed documentary by the filmmaker Laura Checkoway is the story of Edith Hill and Eddie Harrison, who, at ages 96 and 95, became in 2014 the oldest interracial newlyweds in the United States. But as Edith+Eddie unfolds, their loving partnership soon becomes threatened by family infighting and the US legal guardianship laws. Set in Virginia against a backdrop of rainy days and Sunday church services, the film explores love, ageing and family with a tenderness that sustains even as the couple’s heartwarming story transforms into something much darker. A 2018 Oscar® nominee, Edith+Eddie speaks urgently about the potential abuses of legal guardianship in the US, and raises broader questions about the treatment of the elderly in Western society. 

Director: Laura Checkoway

Producer: Thomas Lee Wright

Websites: Kartemquin Films, Topic

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