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Life in one of Canada’s northernmost villages, where the land is sinking into the sea

On the shores of the Arctic Ocean lies the hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, or ‘Tuk’ – a small Arctic village in the frozen wilderness of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Known for its remoteness, the settlement’s Indigenous Inuvialuit community has a population of around 900. But as ice-free summers have stretched out for longer periods, Tuktoyaktuk’s coastline has become increasingly vulnerable to the open sea, and erosion threatens to render the land uninhabitable. In Arctic Summer, the US directors Daniel Fradin and Kyle Rosenbluth provide a window on life in this coastal community, highlighting how, over the next generation, its people risk losing their centuries-long connection to the land on which they live.

Directors: Daniel Fradin, Kyle Rosenbluth

Producer: Gavin Berger

Website: Frank and Beans

24 January 2022

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