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Reclaiming the dignity and spiritual roots of chocolate production in Mexico

Chocolate has deep cultural and spiritual roots in Mesoamerica where cacao originated. The Mayans worshipped a god of cacao, and drank a sacred chocolate beverage at celebrations and ceremonies. The Aztecs believed that the cacao tree was a bridge connecting heaven and earth – a gift from Quetzacoatl, the God of Wisdom. In recent years, however, Mexican chocolate production has significantly declined as the country has pivoted towards more lucrative industries, such as petroleum. Among younger generations, chocolate cultivation is largely viewed as an outdated, undesirable vocation. Through interviews with an indigenous cacao farmer and a chocolatier dedicated to keeping the rich tradition of Mexican chocolate alive, An Act of Resistance examines the endangered ‘spirituality of chocolate’ in Mexican culture.

Directors: Mirra Fine, Daniel Klein

Website: The Perennial Plate

15 January 2018

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