Andreas Hess
Professor, University College Dublin

Andreas Hess is professor in sociology at University College Dublin. He is the co-editor, with Samantha Ashenden, of Judith N Shklar's On Political Obligation (2019) and Between Utopia and Realism: The Political Thought of Judith N Shklar (2019).

Written by Andreas Hess

A Japanese-American shopkeeper and graduate of the University of California unfurled a banner proclaiming ‘I am an American’ in the window of his grocery store in Oakland, California, the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This photo was taken three months later, just prior to the man’s forced removal to an internment camp. Photo by Dorothea Lange

Political philosophy
The theorist of belonging

Judith Shklar fled Nazis and Stalinism before discovering in African-American history the dilemma of modern liberalism

Samantha Ashenden & Andreas Hess