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Bernd Brunner is a travel and history writer whose work has appeared in Lapham’s Quarterly, The Wall Street Journal and Die Zeit. He has written books on a variety of subjects, such as The Art of Lying Down – A Guide to Horizontal Living (2013) and Birdmania: Remarkable Lives With Birds (publishing in 2017), among others. He lives in Istanbul and Berlin.

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Why we need to bring back the art of communal bathing

Bernd Brunner

Yes, we are. But I’m afraid that nudity in communal bathing doesn’t work under the conditions as they are in Western countries today. The atmosphere in such a bath is much too sexualized. On the other hand, I have experienced communal bathing as a very relaxed and “normal” activity in a Turkish city. But the big difference from a sauna in Germany or Scandinavia is that people use towels around their waists and breasts (women). It’s considered a matter of decency, it’s not because they are prude. I wish the author had made the distinction between being fully and partly naked clearer. Is exposing your intimate parts in public a normal thing or should it be? I’m not a prude, but still I don’...

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