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Science Journalist, Toronto, Canada

Dan Falk is a Canadian science journalist. His books include The Science of Shakespeare (2014) and In Search of Time (2008). He also co-hosts BookLab, a podcast that reviews popular science books. He lives in Toronto.

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Dan Falk

I’m very pleased to see the volume of thoughtful duscussion sparked by my article. I can only respond briefly, but: (1) I tend to agree with Tony R., that the role of evolution is paramount (this is something that Dennett hints at, in the piece). I suspect that when we perform a thought experiment in which we “think about the consequences of X,” our thoughts are informed by past observations of things similar to X. (And that those who were really bad at performing such thought experiments – really bad at predicting when the mammoth will be in the canyon, for example – have died off.) (2) And I think Alan R. is right in saying that mathematics still presents a bit of a puzzle. To put it an...

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