Daniel Everett

Trustee Professor of Cognitive Sciences, Bentley University

Daniel Everett is trustee professor of cognitive sciences at Bentley University in Massachusetts. His latest book is How Language Began (2017).

Written by Daniel Everett

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The pig on your plate

Daniel Everett

Barbara - Thanks for this. I have recently stopped consuming mammals (a first step at least), eating mainly vegan with occasional fish. I was raised on a farm and we slaughtered our own animals - rabbits, chickens, pigs, and cattle. They were all raised very well and led good lives. My dad believed that none of them should have any awareness that death was coming, so he would do it suddenly, with a gun, and they never seemed to suffer or have any awareness or fear of what was coming. With cattle, he would talk to them with his arm around them and shoot them suddenly. And yet even under those circumstances I can no longer justify killing these animals for my food. The meat we consume is ki...

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