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David Orrell is an applied mathematician and the author of many books, including Quantum Economics: The New Science of Money (2018) and Quantum Economics and Finance: An Applied Mathematics Introduction (2020). His latest book is Money, Magic, and How to Dismantle a Financial Bomb: Quantum Economics for the Real World (2022). He lives in Toronto.

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Economics is quantum

David Orrell

This is a response to a long chain of anonymous tweets from @TheTroubleWithEcons, which in turn was responding to this from Jo Michell‏:


This strikes me as confused. We don’t need quantum physics to model heterogeneous interacting agents any more than computational biologists need it to model flocking birds.


1/ Thread of comments I made over on @JoMichell’s tweet. Might be useful to those without a quantum background trying to make sense of this Aeon article.

2/ It is confused in that the analogy with quantum physics is taken a little too far and too literally.

It’s not supposed to be an analogy. My argument i...

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