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David Orrell is a writer and mathematician. His research on complex systems has been featured in the Financial Times, BBC radio and New Scientist, and his writing on science and economics has been published in World Finance, Bitcoin Magazine and Newsweek Japan, among others. His latest books are The Money Formula (2017), co-written with Paul Wilmott; and a revised and extended 2017 version of Economyths, with a new chapter on quantum money. Quantum Economics will be published by Icon in summer 2018. He lives in Toronto.

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Economics is quantum

David Orrell

This is a response to a long chain of anonymous tweets from @TheTroubleWithEcons, which in turn was responding to this from Jo Michell‏:


This strikes me as confused. We don’t need quantum physics to model heterogeneous interacting agents any more than computational biologists need it to model flocking birds.


1/ Thread of comments I made over on @JoMichell’s tweet. Might be useful to those without a quantum background trying to make sense of this Aeon article.

2/ It is confused in that the analogy with quantum physics is taken a little too far and too literally.

It’s not supposed to be an analogy. My argument i...

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