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Science Writer, London

David Robson is a science writer specialising in the extremes of the human brain, body and behaviour. He is the author of The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Transform Your Life (2022) and The Intelligence Trap: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things and How to Make Wiser Decisions (2019). He lives in London.

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David Robson

What a fascinating and beautifully told article - I very much hope it reaches a wide audience. The story of Saint-Alban has many lessons for today. I can imagine that this paragraph, in particular, will stay with me for a long time:

“The concentration of distressed and disabled people in secure institutions isn’t as fashionable now as it once was, but the system of reality that promotes indifference to their fate is alive and well. It can be seen in a news media that gives a platform to people who say things like: ‘Two-thirds of coronavirus fatalitie...

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