Hansika Kapoor

Research Author, Department of Psychology,, Monk Prayogshala

Dr. Hansika Kapoor is a research author and psychologist at the Monk Prayogshala research institute in Mumbai. This is an independent not-for-profit academic research institute, striving to improve the academic research environment in India, starting with the social sciences. Having completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, she has completed her PhD from IIT, Bombay in the area of creativity. Specifically, her thesis explores the measurement, facets, and process components of negative creativity through behavioural and electrophysiological methods. Her work has been published in several international peer-reviewed academic journals, such as Creativity Research Journal, Thinking Skills and Creativity, Personality and Individual Differences, and Basic and Applied Social Psychology. She also regularly contributes to popular media publications in India, including Mint and Firstpost. She is a practicing psychologist, a passionate researcher, and has taught core research principles, software, and operations to students. Her research interests lie in cognitive science, social psychology, and gender studies.


Written by Hansika Kapoor