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Clinical Psychologist, Cambridge University Hospitals

Huw Green is a clinical psychologist working in neuropsychology at the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He writes the Psychodiagnosticator blog.

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Deluded, with reason

Huw Green

Several comments here (for which thankyou all!) circle around the anxiety of a kind of diagnostic over-reach. Jim Ranni questions the possibility of defining delusion at all, given the apparent insanity of the culture at large; Anita Spinks raises a worry about being “deluded” by misinformation, and Lauren Dove cautions us against assuming delusion wherever we see the apparently bizarre in peoples’ ideas.

These are significant philosophical/sociological problems, and I certainly don’t have a satisfactory answer to them. From what I understand most psychiatrists don’t think they do either. History can of course supply examples of the political misuse of a diagnosis of psychosis to i...

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