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Judith H. Dobrzynski is an award-winning American journalist, who specialises in writing about the arts, business and philanthropy. Her work has been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Art Newspaper, and Traditional Home, among many others. She also blogs about culture in America at She lives in New York.

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Why does contemporary art make for wildly popular blockbusters?

Judith H Dobrzynski

Thank you all for reading my piece and leaving comments. Here are some of my reactions:

1) While state sponsorship may work in some countries, I don’t think it’s necessary for other countries to have vibrant exhibitions of historical art.

2) While some art has grown unpopular in the past, sometimes having to do with patronage and support, the current commodization of art seems to me to be unprecented in degree.

3) This issue is every bit about the demand side as the supply side. The lack of, or failure of. arts education is partly to blame for this and is the shortness of our attention spans that, with the internet, continue to diminish.

4) Many historical arti...

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