Kamil Ahsan

Freelance writer and PhD candidate in developmental biology, University of Chicago

Kamil Ahsan is a freelance journalist and a doctoral student in Developmental Biology at the University of Chicago.

Written by Kamil Ahsan

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Should we rename institutions that honour dead racists?

Kamil Ahsan

Stellar opinion piece! There is great worth to reminding those who make the slippery slope argument that renaming and expunging odious historical placeholders happens all the time and could very well be a worthy exercise to making students of color feel safe and included. Granted—this is no replacement for institutional and systemic racism in and of itself, but merely a symbolic gesture of goodwill—but what it does is highlight the alternative (some might say revisionist) history of men who are lauded in school textbooks and for children across the US as pioneers and history. It is this historical question—who do we remember and for what reasons—that gains more salience in this debate tha...

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