Kat McGowan

Freelance; contributing editor, Discover magazine

Kat McGowan writes about health, medicine and science for magazines including Nautilus and Quanta, and is a contributing editor at Discover. She lives in New York City and California.

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Kat McGowan

Back when I worked in a biomedical research lab, the university would be picketed from time to time by protestors who objected to the use of cats in biomedical research. The cats were sourced from animal control agencies–in other words, they had been picked up by the pound and would’ve shortly been put to death. In one sense, these animals were doomed already, and during the short time they lived at the university, their health and wellbeing was closely monitored in order to conform to national regulations on the use of animals in research. No painful procedures could be conducted upon the animals without full anesthesia, which was monitored with the same equipment used in human surgeries...

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