Keith Frankish

Philosopher and writer,

Keith Frankish is a philosopher and writer. He is an honorary reader in philosophy at the University of Sheffield, a visiting research fellow with the Open University, and an adjunct professor with the Brain and Mind programme at the University of Crete.

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Is great philosophy, by its nature, difficult and obscure?

Keith Frankish

Allen Stairs has reminded me that we should mention David Lewis. When reading him, I feel I’m following the motions of a mind much cleverer than my own – a wonderful experience.

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How the light gets out

Keith Frankish

From the moment we wake we are bombarded with stimuli. Electromagnetic radiation floods our eyes, pressure waves hit our ears, surfaces press against our skins, molecules adhere to the membranes of our noses and tongues. Our sense organs react, sending nerve impulses to our brains, where they trigger waves of neural activity, which may culminate in motor commands to our muscles (shielding our eyes from the light, for example). But something else happens, too. We have conscious experiences. We see a bright light, hear a scream, feel the roughness of a surface. There is something it is like to detect the stimuli; each experience has a distinctive qualitative aspect – a quale

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