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Laura Spinney is a science journalist whose work has been published in The Economist, National Geographic, Nature, New Scientist and The Telegraph, among others. Her latest book is Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How it Changed the World (2017). She is also the author of two novels, and Rue Centrale (2013), a portrait of Lausanne. She lives in Paris, France.

Written by Laura Spinney

Bird flu: a worker feeds chickens at a poultry farm on 24 October 2005 in Beijing, China. Photo by China Photos/Getty

Illness and disease
Who names diseases?

Swine Flu, Naples Soldier, Ebola. Disease names express fear, create stigma and distract attention. Can they be improved?

Laura Spinney

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Human reproduction
The twin boom

The proportion of twins in the population has waxed and waned in human history. For the first time we understand why

Laura Spinney

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