Liam Heneghan

Professor of Environmental Science and Studies, DePaul University, Chicago

Liam Heneghan is professor of environmental science and studies at DePaul University in Chicago. His latest book is Beasts at Bedtime: Revealing the Environmental Wisdom of Children’s Literature (2018).

Written by Liam Heneghan

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We have a new word for that feeling when travel makes everything new

Liam Heneghan

It has been a real pleasure for me to read the interesting responses to my short essay here, on twitter, and on other fora. As it happens, I’m stuck in hospital recovering from pulmonary embolism: a strange experience when, as with all illnesses I suppose, one’s own body becomes unfamiliar in a largely unwholesome way. [Advice to you all: walk about the plane during long-haul flights!] But through feverishly long nights of being poked and prodded by medical staff I’ve had time to reflect further on the themes raised in discussions.

I will be brief. Allokataplixis is, as I understand it just one of a family of experiences where the everyday becomes strange and thrilling. Or, at the ...

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