Paul Gilster

Writer/editor, Centauri Dreams

Paul Gilster is an American writer on aerospace and technology topics whose site, Centauri Dreams, chronicles ongoing research into interstellar flight. He is also the author of Centauri Dreams: Imagining and Planning Interstellar Exploration (2004).

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Paul Gilster

The human future in the cosmos could be all but limitless if we don’t destroy ourselves first. The survival question, one that Frank Drake incorporated into his famous equation on the likelihood of technological civilizations, is unknowable at present because we are the only such civilization yet identified. Let’s be optimistic and assume that intelligent civilizations are survivors, working their way through the manifest problems of mastering their tools.

Or, at least, mastering them long enough to plant colonies off-world, so that the destruction of humans in one place doesn’t mean the death of the species. There’s a lot of galaxy out there, and the Orion Arm is actually just a s...

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