Philip Goff

Professor in Philosophy, Durham University, UK

Philip Goff is professor in philosophy at Durham University, UK, and co-host of the podcast Mind Chat. His research focuses on consciousness and the ultimate nature of reality. Goff is best known for defending panpsychism, the view that consciousness pervades the universe and is a fundamental feature of it. Goff is the author of Why? The Purpose of the Universe (Oxford University Press, 2023), Galileo’s Error: Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness (Vintage, 2019), Consciousness and Fundamental Reality, and the co-editor of Is Consciousness Everywhere? Essays on Panpsychism (Imprint Academic, 2022). Goff has published many acdemic articles as well as writing extensively for newspapers and magazines, including Scientific American, The Guardian, Aeon, and the Times Literary Supplement.

Written by Philip Goff