Philip Goff
Associate Professor in Philosophy, Central European University in Budapest

I am associate professor in philosophy at the Central European University in Budapest (a unique and wonderful institution). My main research interest is consciousness, although I also have a sideline in political philosophy (taxation, globalisation, social justice). I recently finished my first book Consciousness and Fundamental Reality (published with Oxford University Press June 2017), and am now working on a book on consciousness aimed at a general audience. I have written for The Guardian and Philosophy Now, and blog at

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Philosophy of science
Is the Universe a conscious mind?

Cosmopsychism might seem crazy, but it provides a robust explanatory model for how the Universe became fine-tuned for life

Philip Goff

Miners at Heworth Colliery near Newcastle, compare wage slips, 21 October 1950. Photo by Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Getty

Political philosophy
Is taxation theft?

The assumption that you own the contents of your pay-packet, although almost universal, is demonstrably confused

Philip Goff

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