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Shahidha Bari
Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

Shahidha Bari is Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and Fellow of the Forum for European Philosophy at the LSE.  She teaches literature, philosophy and visual culture. She features regularly on Radio 4's Front Row and Saturday Review, and is a reviewer for the Financial Times, the Guardian and the TLS.  She is an occasional presenter of Radio 3's Arts and Ideas programme, Free Thinking. She was selected as a Radio 3 New Generation Thinker in 2011 and was the winner of the Observer Anthony Burgess Prize in 2014. Her next book, "Dressed", explores the philosophy of clothes.

Written by Shahidha Bari

Beauty & Aesthetics
The puzzle of beauty

Rather than a golden ratio or a moral judgment, beauty is more like a radical jolt that awakens us to the world

Shahidha Bari

Design & Fashion
What do clothes say?

Clothes can be forms of thought as articulate as a poem or equation. Why then does philosophy like to dress them down?

Shahidha Bari