Sonia Contera
Associate Professor of Biological Physics, University of Oxford

Sonia Contera is a biological physicist and nanotechnologist. She is associate professor of biological physics at the University of Oxford, a senior fellow at the Oxford Martin School, and a research fellow at Green Templeton College. She is the author of Nano Comes to Life: How Nanotechnology Is Transforming Medicine and the Future of Biology (2019). 

Written by Sonia Contera

A 3D-printed model of a protein nanoparticle, shown here in orange and white. Scientists at the University of Washington are using protein design to create candidate nanoparticle vaccines. Photo by Ian C Haydon/Institute for Protein Design

Future of technology
Engines of life

At the level of the tiny, biology is all about engineering. That’s why nanotechnology can rebuild medicine from within

Sonia Contera