Steven Poole
Steven Poole is a British journalist, broadcaster and composer. His latest book is Who Touched Base in My Thought Shower? (2013).
Essay/Cognition & Intelligence

Not so foolish

We are told that we are an irrational tangle of biases, to be nudged any which way. Does this claim stand to reason?

Steven Poole

Essay/Automation & Robotics

Slaves to the algorithm

Computers could take some tough choices out of our hands, if we let them. Is there still a place for human judgment?

Steven Poole

Essay/History of Ideas

Your point is?

Science can’t stop talking in terms of ‘purposes’, but if the universe cares about us, it has a funny way of showing it

Steven Poole


The human race

Prosthetics, doping, computer implants: we take every upgrade we can get. But what is waiting for us at the finish line?

Steven Poole