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Sue Thomas is a writer and digital pioneer. Her latest book is Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace (2013).

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Midnight at the oasis

Sue Thomas

People and sounds fade away. I’m in my private place in cyberspace, going where I want, reading what I want, saying what I want. Time expands, and all I care about is the screen before me. So quiet, so peaceful. Connected to myself.

Online, I have an option on whether or not to interact with others. I can be visible or hidden. Physicality melts away and there is only mind to mind. I discovered this wondrous state in 1994 when I entered my first virtual world - at that time such places were built with text alone. No fancy images or audio to distract our interactions. Your entire identity was composed only of words. These days online identity is much less private than it was, but the...

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