Timothy Brittain-Catlin

Reader in Architecture, University of Kent

Timothy Brittain-Catlin is reader in architecture at the University of Kent. His latest book is Bleak Houses: Disappointment and Failure in Architecture (2014) and he has been a regular contributor to The World of Interiors for over 25 years. He is the deputy chairman of the Twentieth Century Society and he lives in Broadstairs, UK.

Written by Timothy Brittain-Catlin

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Feelings are a better way to discuss architecture than concepts

Timothy Brittain-Catlin

Thank you all for your comments. A lot of the discussion here is about what ‘conceptual’ means. I take it to mean ‘detached from construction method and tradition’ . Specifically, I take it to mean a particular way of talking about buildings that has developed in architecture schools and in academic writing, and which is echoed in the writing of newspaper and journal critics. This way of talking is not really related to how the majority of people see and experience buildings. I had to speak recently at the RIBA on James Stirling and I looked in their bookshop beforehand to be reminded of what professional critics and acdemics had said about his later buildings. There was very little about...

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