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A unique multisensory art experiment that begins and ends with a brush stroke

Having created the artwork for all of Ill Considered’s previous albums, the Dutch artist Vincent de Boer took on a unique project to invert the role of music and images in his collaborations with the London-based improvisational jazz ensemble. First, Boer hand-drew thousands of images to create an abstract animation, with the visuals giving the impression of a surreal journey beginning and ending with a single brush stroke. Then, reversing the roles of sounds and images in the standard music video-making process, Ill Considered improvised a composition to the images upon first sight of the artwork. An engrossing viewing experience in its own right, The Stroke transforms into an even more fascinating slice of multisensory art in the context of its unique concept. You can watch a behind-the-scenes video that chronicles the two years of its making here.

27 April 2021

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