13 minutes

An African-American revolutionary and fugitive reflects on decades of exile in Cuba

Once a political revolutionary in the United States, Charlie Hill has lived in Cuba for 46 years. Part of the Republic of New Africa, a black separatist movement that sought an independent black state in the US south, Hill and members of his group clashed with law enforcement in 1971 in Jackson, Mississippi. The details of the encounter are disputed, but one police officer ended up dead, and Hill was accused of the murder. After hijacking a plane with two other members of his group and rerouting to Havana, he was offered political asylum by the Cuban government, and has made the country his home ever since. Framed around a letter to Hill’s nine-year-old son, this short documentary finds Hill considering his life, legacy and future amid thawing US-Cuba relations, a turn of events that could result in his extradition to the US. In June 2017, the US president Donald Trump rolled back the changes in US relations with Cuba, and as of September 2017, Hill is still living in exile.

Director: Kadri Koop

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