Graven image

11 minutes

An unsettling, archival history of the world’s largest Confederate monument

‘The Lost Cause will boast a monument towering above all the triumphal arches and columns of ancient Rome and more enduring than the pyramids.’

Conceived by a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1914 but not fully completed until 1970, the Confederate Memorial Carving at Stone Mountain in Georgia depicts and memorialises the Confederate Civil War leaders Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee and Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, and is the largest carving of its kind in the world. In Graven Image, the US filmmaker Sierra Pettengill uses archival footage to document the carving’s century-spanning history. The result is deeply unsettling, revealing how the enduring dream of the Confederacy, centred around a deeply racist ideology, is laundered and repackaged from generation to generation.

Director: Sierra Pettengill

Producer: Laura Coxson

Website: Field of Vision

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