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At 60, Mark decides that the best way to face cancer is to start chasing tornados

Recently diagnosed with lung cancer, Mark Zabawa believes that he might be approaching the end of a life fraught with struggles, including battles with mental illness and alcoholism. In The Last Storm, UK-based filmmaker Liam Saint-Pierre follows Mark as he sets out on a bucket-list quest across the US Midwest to witness a tornado alongside a much younger amateur storm chaser, Mike Marz. Unsure whether Mark will live to see another tornado season, the two hit the road every time weather conditions appear promising, chasing what for Mike is an exhilarating high, and for Mark is a fleeting but profound respite from his mental and physical pain. Despite the heavy subject, Saint-Pierre’s film crackles with electric energy, drawn both from the stormy skies and the moments of joy that light up Mark and Mike’s unlikely friendship.

Director: Liam Saint-Pierre

Producer: Ross Williams

31 July 2018

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