The Loving generation: checking boxes

9 minutes

On growing up biracial in the US in the wake of the interracial marriage bans’ end

In 1958, Mildred, a black woman, and Richard, a white man, married in Washington, DC to circumvent the interracial marriage ban in their home state. Shortly after returning home to Virginia, Mr and Mrs Loving were arrested. Almost a decade later, on 12 June 1967, their conviction was struck down by the US Supreme Court, making illegal the anti-miscegenation laws across the country. Following that decision, interracial marriages increased significantly, bringing with them a new generation of children born to one white parent and one black parent in a country still widely divided by race. The first episode of Topic’s original documentary series exploring the narratives of biracial Americans born between 1965 and 1985, The Loving Generation: Checking Boxes examines how entrenched ideas of ‘whiteness’ and ‘blackness’ greatly complicated and in some cases largely defined the racial and cultural identities of members of the ‘Loving generation’.

Director: Lacey Schwartz, Mehret Mandefro

Website: Topic, Truth Aid

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