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On the train to Auschwitz, a young woman is faced with a life-shattering choice

On 4 April 1943, a young Jewish woman named Klara Prowisor was travelling by train from the Mechelen holding camp in Nazi-occupied Belgium to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. Knowing the fate that inevitably awaited her once she crossed the German border, she made the painful decision to leave her ailing father and jump from the train before it left Belgium. The short documentary I Have a Message for You finds Prowisor, now aged 92 and living in Tel Aviv in Israel, recalling the fateful moment that saved her life, and the remarkable message she would receive from her father some 20 years after his death. The Italian-born, London-based filmmaker Matan Rochlitz interweaves interviews and old photographs with evocative animations to tell Prowisor’s extraordinary story, and to offer a moving distillation of the breadth of human possibilities – our capacity for horrendous cruelty and for profound love.

9 April 2018

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