Monument | Monumento

12 minutes

On the US-Mexico border, loved ones on both sides can see each other but cannot touch

‘How many years has it been since we have seen each other?’

At Friendship Park, the westernmost point of the US-Mexico border, just south of San Diego, US Border Patrol agents help to facilitate and monitor weekend reunions between families separated by the massive barrier – and, by extension, by US immigration policies. Mexicans and Americans have met in the area since the Mexican-American War ended in 1848, and the border was redrawn, significantly favouring the US. Friends and families were able to touch one another through the fence before metallic mesh was added in 2011 for security. With quiet compassion, Monument | Monumento captures several of these unconventional and frequently tearful family reunions, some of which have been decades in the making.

Director: Laura Gabbert

Producer: Andrea Lewis

Website: Field of Vision

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