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What does freedom look and feel like after four decades wrongfully imprisoned?

‘It feel like, I went to sleep at 18 and I woke up at 60.’

In May 1975, 18-year-old Rickey Jackson was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio for a murder he didn’t commit. After being convicted, he spent two and a half years on Death Row and an additional 26 years in Ohio prisons, maintaining his innocence throughout. Jackson was finally exonerated in 2014 when a key witness recanted, claiming his eye-witness testimony had been coerced by police. In Send Me Home, Jackson reflects on his decades of incarceration from the vantage of his current life – one so overflowing with the things he dreamed of in prison, he sometimes doubts its reality. Using immersive 360° video technology, the film contrasts suffocating prison scenes with Jackson’s new life with his wife and stepchildren. While grateful for his freedom, Jackson can’t help but think of time lost, as well as the tragic flaws in the US criminal justice system, which has exonerated more than 150 Death Row inmates since 1973 and almost certainly executed innocent people. You can read more about Jackson’s case at Lonely Leap.

Director: Cassandra Evanisko

Producer: Roger Moran

21 November 2018

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