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Aeon is a registered charity committed to the spread of knowledge and a cosmopolitan worldview. Our mission is to create a sanctuary online for serious thinking.

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Mother’s Day

8 minutes

What is Mother’s Day to a child whose mother is in prison?

In the United States, 7 per cent of children (more than 5 million) have a parent who has been in prison. With a patient, sensitive approach, the US director Elizabeth Lo brings us into the midst of two generations impacted by the family-splintering effects of mass incarceration. The film focuses on a group of children as they journey overnight by bus across California to visit their mothers in prison. Part of a programme organised by the non-profit Center for Restorative Justice Works, the bus rides can be up to 10 hours each way, after which children get to spend only a few precious hours with their mothers. Intimate and heartbreaking, Mother’s Day finds fleeting moments of joy, quiet courage and enormous sorrow inside the facilities, a microcosm of a criminal justice system that reaches deep into the lives of families across the US.

Director: Elizabeth Lo

Producer: RJ Lozada


What happens when rock stardom doesn’t quite work out?

10 minutes


Teaching philosophy at school isn’t just good pedagogy – it helps to safeguard society

5 minutes

Video/Demography & Migration

On the US-Mexico border, loved ones on both sides can see each other but cannot touch

12 minutes


Les Anglo-Saxons

Not just American or British, the Anglo-Saxon is a mirror to Frenchness: the country’s alter-ego and most feared enemy

Emile Chabal


How ‘white people’ were invented by a playwright in 1613

Ed Simon


In the shadows of high-rises, Shanghai’s small neighbourhoods struggle to survive

13 minutes

Essay/War & Conflict

Don’t look away

Photography came of age amid the wars and atrocities, as well as the humanitarian aspirations, of the modern world

Jeremy Adelman


This striking feature of Manila makes it an emblematic global city

Nancy Kwak


The Swiss warehouse where the rich hide assets and wealth leaves no trace

11 minutes